Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much is the initial franchise fee?

    The initial franchise fee is $39,000 for the first location with discounts for each additional location, young entrepreneurs, and other categories.

  • How much is the investment to open a Facial Mania?

    The investment can vary from project to project. Our Franchise Disclosure Document shows a minimum average of $227,300 and a maximum average of $627,500.

  • How much is the royalty fee?

    The royalty fee is 6% of monthly gross sales. Franchisees will also contribute up to 2% of gross sales to our National Advertising Fund.

  • Do you help me get customers?

    Of course! We do national advertising, we send you all the service requests in your area, and we train you weekly with no additional costs to do your part with state of the art local advertising and marketing strategies. Facial Mania has also a successful presence on social media and web and a very powerful tool in its Membership plan: all these factors, and many more, will help you get to the break-even and grow fast in a rich, constantly-growing market.

  • What about training and support?

    Facial Mania provides many hours of training to every franchisee before the opening. We want to make sure that everything is perfect and your team is ready to provide a 5-star performance to our customers. We also perform hours of additional, free training every week – forever.

  • Who's gonna help me to find a location and to build my Facial Mania?

    We use the best professionals in the market to educate and help you in these crucial stages of our venture together. We don’t want to waste your money selling furniture or services at higher prices since our only job is to make Facial Mania and our franchisee successful, but of course, our teams will collaborate day by day with you to find the perfect location and to build it, from the remodeling to the purchase of beds and sheets!

  • I have an existing location, can I convert it to a Facial Mania?

    Sure you can, and in specific cases we consider also the opening of a Facial Mania inside of existing practices, combining our brand with another equally successful business, such as a dental clinic or big hair salons.

  • How can I start?

    Download the pre-qualification form, complete it, and send it to us.


We don’t award our business opportunity to just anyone. In our Customers’ interest and in your interest, we have to understand who you are, what makes you the perfect candidate to become a Facial Mania Franchisee, and if you have the skills to succeed in a rich but competitive market with the Facial Mania Franchise.

If you want to start your journey to finally own your business, you just have to answer the questions you will find in our pre-qualification form. This is the first step and will allow us to understand if you meet the basic qualifications to continue your journey with us and get to the other tiers towards the opening of a Facial Mania.

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